Artist Statement

The present is like bubble in a crowd, it’s exciting, it’s wondrous, it’s fleeting. The bubbles are brilliant but suddenly they gone. Time is a dream you will never quite see through. Design is a present where pasts mix into potential futures. I extracted rings and bracelets from the shapes of history. I dive deep into artifacts from my time, into different cultures, and into different religions, exploring whole worlds in each. It is generally thought that the making of jewelry is a process that a person engages in, but I find something quite the opposite. Designing jewelry fabricates me. When I am sketching, or making models, carving wax or setting stones, I am made more powerful. I grow, I learn, and the evidence is the made jewel. Each piece assembles a story using elements of the past, fabricated into a present, writing a new future. A noble bauble instead of an ephemeral bubble ———something cherished, something treasured.

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